Research Student Profiles

Miss CHEN, Boyin

Human Communication, Development, and Information Sciences

Programme of Study: PhD

Field of Study: Science Identities, Reflection, Computer-supported Inquiry Learning Environment, K-12 Science Education, Mixed-method Research

Research Topic: The Impact of Peer Feedback on High School Students’ Science Identities in a Computer-supported Inquiry Learning Environment

Email Address:

Office: Room 219, Runme Shaw Building

About Me:
B.Sc. School of Life Science, South China Normal University
M.Phil. College of Education, East China Normal University
Research skills: Classroom observation, Discourse analysis

Primary Supervisor: Professor WANG, Minhong

Co-supervisor(s): Professor CHURCHILL, Daniel

Research Outputs:
Chen, B., & Zhao, S. (2019). Characteristics and influencing factors of science popularization in Tik Tok: An empirical study based on python data of 14 typical accounts. Modern Audiovisual, (12), 50-55.

Chen, B., & Chen, M. (2019). The Effect of Worksheets on Family Learning Talk at Natural History Museum. Studies on Science Popularization, (6), 30-39+46+1.

Chen, B., Pei, X. & Zhu, G., (2020, April 17-21). Question Chains: Effective Way for Student Teachers to Promote Science Talk in the Inquiry-Based Classroom [Conference presentation]. 2020 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, CA, United States. (place-based conference canceled)

Zhu, G., Xu, G., Li, Y., & Chen, B. (2020). Typology of OECD's global educational governance and its policy effect. Comparative Education Review, 64(3), 525-542.

Zhu, G., Chen, B., Li, C., & Li, D. (2020). Examining preservice teachers’ professional learning experience during the international teaching practicums: insights from complexity theory and boundary-crossing construct. Journal of Education for Teaching, 46(5), 701-704.