Research Student Profiles

Miss QI, Xin

Human Communication, Development, and Information Sciences

Programme of Study: PhD

Field of Study: Human Communication, Development, and Information Sciences

Research Topic: Investigating the Mechanisms of Parent-implemented Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: What, How, and for Whom Promotes Change

Email Address:

Office: Room 776, Meng Wah Complex

About Me:
I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Applied Psychology from Sun Yat-sen University (2012) and my MSSc in Clinical Psychology from University of Macau (2014). I worked as a clinical psychologist from 2014 to 2020, providing psychological intervention services and psychological/psycho-educational assessment to school-age children. I am a registered psychologist at HKPS and certified in using ADOS-2 (both research and clinical certified) and ADI-R (clinical certified) in assessing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
My current research interests are developing social communication outcome measurement to evaluate the effectiveness of ASD treatments, investigating the mechanisms of parent-implemented interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder, and adaptation of ASD assessment tools in the Chinese population.

Current Research:
Efficacy and mechanisms of intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Primary Supervisor: Professor TO, Carol K S

Co-supervisor(s): Professor TONG, Xiuli

Research Outputs:
Qi, X., Ng, W. W. H., Tsang, G. H. K., & To, C. K. S. (2023). Efficacy of a Self-Directed Video-Based Caregiver-Implemented Language Programme. Folia phoniatrica et logopaedica. DOI: [10.1159/000534022]

Qi, X., Ng, W. W. H., Tsang, G. H. K., Ambreen, S., So, K. K. H., & To, C. K. S. (2022, 11). Efficacy of a self-directed video-based caregiver-implemented language program [Paper Presentation]. Early Childhood Voices 2022, Virtual.

Qi, X., Zaroff, C. M., & Bernardo, A. B. (2016). Autism spectrum disorder etiology: Lay beliefs and the role of cultural values and social axioms. Autism, 20(6), 673-686.