Research Student Profiles

Ms CHEN, Xiuyu

Human Communication, Development, and Information Sciences

Programme of Study: PhD

Field of Study: Information Science

Research Topic: Network analysis on social, cognitive, and teaching presence in an informal online learning community

Email Address:

Office: Room 219, Runme Shaw Building

About Me:
From my experience in information systems and psychology, I am interested in exploring the applications of network science in the field of online learning. My research focuses on network science, social computing, and online learning behavior. I started my PhD studies in 2021. I obtained my bachelor’s and master’s degree from Peking University and Nanyang Technological University. If you are interested in collaborating with me, do drop me an email. To know more about me, please visit my personal website:

Primary Supervisor: Professor FENG, Shihui

Co-supervisor(s): Professor CHEN, Gaowei

Research Outputs:
Jiao, Y., Chen, X., Wang, D., Zhang, P., & Wang, J. (2018, 7). Exploring Browsing Behavior of Product Information in an M-commerce Application: a Transaction Log Analysis. iConference 2018 Proceedings.

Chen, X., Yang, Y., & Zhang, P. (2020, 3). Examining scholars' activity on a Chinese blogging and academic social network site. iConference 2020 Proceedings.

Awards and Prizes:
Merit Award, awarded by Nanyang Technological University, 2021
Student Academic Award, awarded by Peking University, 2018
Chinese Government Scholarship, awarded by China Scholarship Council, 2018
Freshman Scholarship, awarded by Peking University, 2015