Research Student Profiles

Mr TIAN, Renxiang

Social Contexts and Policies of Education

Programme of Study: PhD

Field of Study: Education Policy, Shadow Education, Privatization of Education

Research Topic: Reshaping the ecosystem of education: An ethnographic study of teachers', students' and parents' experience after China's Double Reduction Policy

Email Address:

Office: Room 401, Runme Shaw Building

About Me:
I am currently studying in the research unit of SCAPE of Faculty of Education at HKU, supervised by Dr KOBAKHIDZE, Nutsa and Dr TAI, Kevin W H. Prior to that, I had been a head teacher in the largest private school for migrant children in Guizhou, mainland China, for more than ten years. My career role also switched between a private institution entrepreneur, an English curriculum developer as well as an English teacher over the years. I did my bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Dalian University, sponsored by National Scholarship, China. I completed my master of education at King’s College London with distinction, funded by Chevening Award.

Current Research:
Double Reduction Policy and Shadow Education in mainland China

Primary Supervisor: Professor KOBAKHIDZE, Nutsa

Co-supervisor(s): Professor TAI, Kevin W H

Research Outputs:
Tian, R. (2020). Review of the book Shadow Education in Myanmar: Private Supplementary Tutoring and its Policy Implication, by Mark Bray, Magda Nutsa Kobakhidze & Ora Kwo. International Review of Education, 66, 609-612.

Awards and Prizes:
Chevening Award, awarded by Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, UK, 2018
National Scholarship of China, awarded by the Ministry of Education of China, 2012
Excellent Teacher Award, awarded by the Education Department of Guizhou, China, 2017