Research Student Profiles

Miss HUANG, Yuqing

Social Contexts and Policies of Education

Programme of Study: PhD

Field of Study: Qualitative Research Methods; Language Education Ideologies; Critical Sociolinguistics; Sociology of Education; and Multilingual Studies

Research Topic: Mandarin Education and Identity in Post-2020 Hong Kong: A Case Study of A Hong Kong Secondary School

Email Address:

Office: Room 401, Runme Shaw Building

About Me:
My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and a Master of Education in Intercultural Communication. I hold interdisciplinary training in sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, and education. My research focuses on the interplay among social transformations, school climates, and language education.

Current Research:
My current research examines the impacts of the social transformations in post-2020 Hong Kong on Mandarin education in a secondary school.

Primary Supervisor: Professor LA LONDE, Priya Goel

Co-supervisor(s): Professor JACKSON, Liz J