Research Student Profiles

Ms LAN, Ya Meng

Social Contexts and Policies of Education

Programme of Study: EdD

Field of Study: Social Contexts and Policies of Education / International and Comparative Education

Research Topic: Interdisciplinary research in addressing specific UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Goal No 1: “No Poverty”): Case studies from the two leading universities in Hong Kong.

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About Me:
Candice holds a Master’s degree in Economics for Development, from the University of Oxford, and was a Senior Research Assistant at the Department of Education Policy and Leadership until June 2023. She has been engaged in research related to social enterprise and is actively involved in social enterprise and social innovation practices. Candice has successfully collaborated and supported key stakeholders from NGOs and educational partners in corporate and social responsibility, entrepreneurship, and innovative thinking. She is also an accomplished entrepreneur and educational consultant with extensive experience spearheading international educational recruitment for global top-ranking universities.

Current Research:
Candice’s interdisciplinary research interests lie in addressing the United Nations Sustainable Goals, Goal No. 1 No poverty, that is how to integrate interdisciplinary research in solving significant social issues, such as local and global eradicating poverty. In this process - and through the lens of Amartya Sen’s ‘capability approach’ - focusing on investment in areas for human well-being. Additionally, conducting research on interdisciplinary research and sustainable triple helix collaboration (academic, government, and industry).

Candice’s future research will focus on planning inter and cross-disciplinary research collaboration with education.

Primary Supervisor: Professor YANG, Lili

Co-supervisor(s): Professor JACKSON, Liz (obsolete)